Purple Protect

Increasing the safety of real estate encounters through a new support service




Amy Farrow, a local Seattle realtor, came to Mentor with a vision to make real estate encounters safer. In her mind, current safety services aren’t getting the job done. In 2013 there were 20 real estate incidents involving violence and other injuries from persons or animals including 15 homicides. Amy’s goal was to pioneer a new service where emphasis was not reactive, but proactive in order to combat these rising statistics.

With Mentor’s help, Amy was able to bring her vision to life through a process of iterative research and concepting aimed at identifying the critical moments of a realtor’s journey and crafting a solution to match. As a core feature, Purple Protect offers easier online appointment scheduling for buyers than opt to take a background check. The service also allows realtors the ability to pass on an encounter but still keep a referral fee or accept the appointment and request a support buddy. A standard kill switch ensures loved ones stay in the loop and a review system gives realtors the opportunity to provide feedback on encounters. These features are interwoven in a way that empowers realtors to make smarter choices without compromising on the fast paced reality that is the life of a realtor.